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Albuera: Wellington's Fourth Peninsular Campaign of 1811

By Peter Edwards

ISBN: 9781861269461
PAGES: 256
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 20 colour maps

The battle of Albuera was fought between the forces of France, led by Marshal Soult, and the combined forces of Britain, Portugal and Spain under Sir William Beresford. The battle, named after the Spanish village about which the fighting took place, cost the lives of 13,000 men. The French effort, to disrupt Beresford's siege of the town of Badajoz was unsuccessful, and this was not a great allied victory. Nonetheless, Albuera became one of the most famous of Peninsular battles.

Peter Edwards has written a detailed new history of the battle, and the other battles that comprised Wellington's fourth campaign. Making extensive use of rare eyewitness accounts, this book places the reader at the heart of a thrilling narrative.

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