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British Army Cap Badges of the Twentieth Century

By Arthur Ward

ISBN: 9781861269614
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 176 colour photographs

Items connected with the British military have always been extremely popular with collectors, and the intricate and beautiful badges made to denote a soldier's regiment have always been keenly collected, due to their small size, high quality and the fascinating stories of military derring-do that lie behind each one.

The British army cap badge really came into being around the turn of the twentieth century, with large badges intended for the blue cloth helmets then in use. Later badges became smaller, and materials changed, as headgear became smaller, and new manufacturing techniques took away the laborious daily cleaning that was a part of every soldier's routine for most of the century.

With every regiment having numerous variations of badge, this is a field of collecting that will yield rewards for the collector. With the aid of nearly 200 specially taken colour photographs, Arthur Ward offers a complete introduction to this topic.

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" The author has produced admirable work and needs to be commended for his research. He has covered all the important issues and this book will appeal to collectors as well as genealogists tracing their family history. "
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