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Artist Blacksmithing: Techniques in Action

By Peter Parkinson

ISBN: 9781861269775
RUNNING TIME: 154 Minutes
TYPE: Double Disc

Artist Blacksmithing explains the fundamental techniques of working with hot iron and steel, and suggests how those techniques can be used creatively in designs. Set in his own workshop, it is a rare opportunity to see a leading blacksmith in action. With the roar of the forge, the dancing of the flames and the glow of hot metal, the film captures the romance and magic of using fire to transform a piece of iron.

Peter Parkinson has long been an inspiration to blacksmiths: his enthusiasm for the craft alongside his recognized talent makes him an exceptional tutor. In this film, he brings his own insights to the craft while explaining both the processes and pitfalls.

Chapters cover: Using the forge, safety, Tapering, drawing down, Upsetting, Spreading, use of hammer, Hot cutting, Punching, Twisting, Bending, Joining processes, Toolmaking, Finishing

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Price: £19.99

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