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Muay Thai: Techniques in Action

By Bob Spour

ISBN: 9781861269799
RUNNING TIME: 85 Minutes
TYPE: Single Disc

This new DVD explains the strikes and techniques of Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing. It shows how to adapt, use and develop these moves as part of a training in the most practical fighting art in the world today.

Muay Thai is increasingly popular in the West as a sport, as well as being a means of self-protection and fitness. It is an exciting, exotic martial art which is distinguished by its rituals and spectacular kicks.

In this film, Bob Spour - a leading chief instructor and founder of the Phraya Pichai Camps - explains the basic strikes and techniques. Bob's experience and knowledge makes him an experienced teacher and Muay Thai - Techniques in Action is a rare opportunity to see his approach to training and sparring in action.

DVD Contents: Introduction, Movement patterns, Targets, wrapping the fist, Boxing, Elbows, Kicks, Knees, Clinchwork, Padwork, bagwork, Combinations, Sparring

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Price: £14.99

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