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Air Disaster:- Volume 1

By Macarthur Job

ISBN: 9781875671113
PAGES: 190
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 297x210 mm

Beginning with the saga of the ill fated Comet, the world's first jetliner, specialist air safety author Macarthur Job brings to life in his lucid, analytical style, the story behind some of the jet age accidents that followed, each of them adding to industry's sum total of knowledge and experience to make operations safer in the future.

Air Disaster, Volume I, covers the period from 1952 to 1977. Based on official accident investigation reports, supplemented by extensive additional research, Macarthur Job opens up the intricacies of high altitude, high speed jetliner operatins to the reader in a way that all - from professional pilots to the knowledgeable enthusiast and the layperson - will find gripping.

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