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Air Disaster:- Volume 3

By Macarthur Job

ISBN: 9781875671342
PUBLISHED: April 1999
PAGES: 190
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 297x210 mm

Air Disaster Volume 3, continues the now well known theme of Volumes 1 and 2 of this series, examining the way hitherto unsuspected hazards inthe world's airways system have been revealed through occasional tragic, but salutary experiences.

This volume covers a further number of such accidents, all of them occuring between 1988 and 1994. Selected to exemplify the operational and human obstacles brought to light as the airline industry moves into the final years of the twentieth century - and its fourth decade of international operations - the eight chapters, examining 13 complex accidents, draw chiefly on official investigations, fleshed out by further definitive research from a number of sources. As with earlier volumes, the lucid text is generously supplemented with accurate, specially drawn diagrams which, with the photographs, bring the compelling events to life.

This is the third volume in Macarthur Job's admirable series. Like its predecessors, it uses a mix of textual explanation, maps, diagrams, cutaway drawings and photos to recount and explain in riveting detail the circumstances surrounding thirteen civil aircraft accidents and serious incidents, all of which happened during the last decade. . . the book is very well researched and presented, and worth every penny of its cover price. - PILOT MAGAZINE. . .Job does not shrink from critical analysis after setting out the proven facts of the accidents and he includes copious illustrations of relevant airports and approach plates . . . this is a very readable volume which puts flesh on the bones of NTSB reports. - GUILD NEWS (GAPAN)

The third in a series of detailed and highly readable 'what really went wrong' accounts of significant aircraft accidents, with this volume covering many of the problems stemming from the introduction of sophisticated new technology. . . very strongly recommended to anyone even vaguely connected with the aviation industry. - AIRWAY. . . The descriptions are full of detail and enhanced by some vivid and effective diagrams . . . thought provoking and guaranteed to hold your attention. - THE LOGTitle out of stock April 2007

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