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Design Handbook for Stables and Equestrian Buildings

By Keith Warth

ISBN: 9781908809186
PUBLISHED: 30/04/2014
PAGES: 152
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: Colour photos and line drawings

The aim of the book is to encourage anyone embarking on the construction of a stable yard - whether a single-horse owner or the proprietor of a large professional establishment - to consider aspects of the design in order to produce stables and facilities which are functional and provide an environment in which horses can thrive.

Author Keith Warth explains that it is not possible to design appropriate buildings for horses without understanding their physiological requirements, behaviour and individual mannerisms and knowing what could be detrimental to their well-being. First and foremost the stable should be dry. Secondly it should provide adequate ventilation to provide continual fresh air and remove unwanted, moist, stale air. Thirdly the stable should be safe for the horse and easy to manage for the user.

Among the detailed topics discussed are:

  • Basic requirements of a good stable
  • Planning a yard - optimum layout and planning permission
  • Constructing and kitting out stables - flooring, drainage, roofing, walls, doors, windows, stable fittings
  • Key yard constructions - e.g. feed rooms, tack rooms, rug storage areas, washing-down rooms
  • Turnout, schooling and training facilities - e.g. lungeing arenas, outdoor and indoor schools
  • Services, fire precautions and waste disposal - drainage, electricity and water supply, muck disposal, safety
  • Converting existing buildings, and maintenance and repair

The basic principles of good stable design are relevant for all horses and ponies - so whether accommodating an Olympic equine athlete or a family pony, any horse or pony in your care should be housed in a safe environment which caters adequately for his needs - and this book shows you how.

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