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Dreams That Veil

By Dominic Luke

ISBN: 9781910208236
PUBLISHED: 29/05/2015
PAGES: 288
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 196x127 mm
INSIDE: Text only

Dreams That Veil is the story of England basking in the calm before the storm of the First World War and of a young girl's struggle with her transition to maturity.

December 1911. Twelve-year old Eliza Brannan eagerly awaits the return of her brother Roderick from university, a welcome but brief diversion from her otherwise cosy existence in the heart of Northamptonshire with her widowed mother and cousin Dorothea.

Roderick and Dorothea are growing up fast. They are forging lives and loves of their own, and Eliza feels she is being left behind. When an unexpected proposal of marriage leads Dorothea to a search for her long-lost father in the slums of London, Eliza begins to realize that the world is a bigger and more frightening place than she could have ever imagined.

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