River Fly-fishing: The Complete Guide

By Peter Lapsley
PAGES: 232
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 16 pages of colour plates, 8 pages of mono plates

There has long been a need for a comprehensive guide to river fly-fishing for trout and grayling in the rivers of the UK. Peter Lapsley, in his masterly treatment of the subject, reveals that, far from being the restricted pleasure of the wealthy, river fly-fishing is widely available throughout the country at reasonable cost, providing anglers with a wonderful variety of opportunities.

Armed with this book, both novice and experienced fly-fishers will gain from the author's clear, concise and handsomely illustrated instructions. The history of river fly-fishing; the types and natures of the streams and rivers in which trout, sea trout and grayling are found; the behaviour of the fish and of the creatures they eat; tackle, equipment, flies and knots; casting techniques and problem-solving; times and seasons; dry fly, nymph and wet fly fishing; and finding inexpensive and readily accessible waters - all these and more make 'River Fly-fishing' a truly complete guide to the sport.

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