Fly Fisher's Logbook

By Terry Lawton
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Ring-bound
SIZE: 234x157 mm

This logbook allows you to record your catches, the flies you used, the water and weather conditions and much more, providing a unique record of your fly fishing progress at the end of each season and a valuable personal record of your trips to the water. But more than that, with each logbook entry you will see patterns emerging. You will be able to identify both successful tactics and methods that didn't work, building a picture of just where and how you might improve your catch rate.The second part of the book is your key to improvement, as it takes you through the skills and knowledge required for successful fly fishing: water and weather conditions; tackle to use for different species; flies and presentation; knots and how to tie them; fly fishing around the world; and conservation and the future.Nobody ever said that fly fishing was easy. It creates fantastic challenges but the rewards can be truly memorable. One of the great advantages of the sport is that there is plenty of scope to improve - and you can do this on your own. One vital way of figuring out why you were successful or not is to understand the conditions well and know your equipment.

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