Spellcraft for Hedge Witches

By Rae Beth
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x138 mm
INSIDE: 14 line drawings

Village wisewomen and men, the community's witches, have always helped to heal wounded lives. When disaster strikes, such as serious illness or some kind of abuse or loss, or when we're struggling through things such as divorce or family conflict, today's hedge witchcraft can still give us the means to help ourselves or others.

There are, for example, spells to banish the spirits of cruelty or injustice. There are ways of countering the ill effects of spiteful thoughts which others may hold about us. We can rebuild our sense of ourselves by magic that holds us true to our real life purpose, throughout any crisis. What is presented here is not superficial and not a shortcut. Rather, it is a powerful process, a method which can be adapted to any situation where help may be needed.

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