Rock to Death

By John Paxton Sheriff
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 238x164 mm

When Jack Scott sees Nick Skaill walking out of Gibraltar's Lagoon Deep nightclub with a gun in his hand, then finds a corpse, he naturally reports the sightings to the police. From that moment his life is in danger. Nick Skaill is the son of criminal Ronnie Skaill, a British ex-pat living in Spain. Ronnie knows that to keep his son out of prison he must remove the only witness to his crime. Meanwhile, Jack Scott's oft-absent brother, Tim, is suspected by Liverpool detective Mike Haggard of being responsible for a double murder in a city fairground and in a bizarre twist, events suggest there are links to the Skaills. Scott and Sian Laidlaw begin the struggle to solve the puzzle's growing complications from their base in Gibraltar, helped by colleague Calum Wick who digs deep searching for the Liverpool connection. Dapper Gibraltarian detective Luis Romero grows increasingly irritated by Scott's interference and intransigence, more murders quickly follow, and a violent confrontation in Spain is followed by a bloody climax on Gibraltar's steep and rocky slopes.

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