The Vigilance Committee War

By Bill Sheehy
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

A gang of vigilantes calling themselves The Vigilance Committee are preventing a part of the Indian Territory from becoming a State, and Buck Armstrong and his partner Louie Lewis are being paid to bring them in. The two former Texas Rangers have been hired by local businesses to stop the vigilantes. Newspaper articles about the hangings being done by the Committee are worrying members of Congress about to vote on statehood. Making their job difficult is that most of the area's big ranchers don't really care. They believe hanging rustlers is a good thing. On top of that, a pair of gunslingers each with personal plans for revenge against the former Rangers are in town. What happens when Buck and Louie get too close to members of the Committee? That is when Louie ends up at the end of a hangman's noose.

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