Day of the Hired Gun

By Ethan Flagg
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

Hired gunfighter Cole Jardine has decided to call time on his dangerous profession when he receives a mysterious job offer from the Colorado town of Red Mesa. All set to ignore it, his partner Waco Santee suddenly arrives back at their cabin in Wyoming to announce that the army are hot on their heels. With minutes to spare, flight across the border is their only option. The pair succeed in evading pursuit and then head their separate ways.

But nothing is ever that simple. A bushwhacker attempts to remove Cole but fails. Arriving in Red Mesa, he is then challenged to a shoot-out by rancher Ed Clifford who claims the gunslinger has been hired by an unscrupulous crook who wants to steal his land. Which faction will the hired gun support? And how will he react when his old partner turns up backing the opposing side in the dispute?

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