The Sitka Killings

By Paul Bedford
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

It's 1867. The USA has just purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire, and sent Colonel Jefferson Davis and part of the 9th Infantry to take possession of the 'last frontier'. Replacing the 'Russkies' would prove to be the easy part though; governing the new territory something else entirely, because the soldiers are barely off the steamship before two officers are brutally slain in Sitka's cathedral.

Jake Pierce is an embittered army scout, assigned to 'handle' any troublesome Indians that might be encountered. The problem is, for a man filled with hate, the only good Indian is a dead one! And that could lead him and his new partner, Cleetus Payne, into more trouble than even he can handle. Especially as they are tasked with tracking the two assassins into mainland Alaska. With the reason for the killings unclear, this proves to be only the start of something very nasty indeed!

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