Clothes and the Child - A Handbook of Children's Dress in England 1500-1900

By Anne Buck
PAGES: 272
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 236x186 mm
INSIDE: 7 colour photographs and 165 black & white illustrations

Through the centuries children's clothes have reflected the concerns of parents and the movements of fashion. The needs of the child, changing ideas on health and upbringing, evolving social attitutes and new technology, all find expression in their dress. Its development, and its changing relationship with contemporary adult dress, offer a revealing picture of the times. Though the identities of the children may not survive the clothes, each garment bears the imprint of a way of life.

As well as studying surviving garments in depth, the author uses new evidence from letters, journals and accounts, and from paintings, sculptures and drawings, to give fresh insight into the clothes, their construction, and the world in which they were worn.

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