Applied Core Conditioning

By Alex Reid
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 140 colour photographs and 162 colour artworks

Applied Core Conditioning contains all the information necessary to help design, prescribe and programme core conditioning strategies for those who wish to remain well-conditioned and to prevent injury, and for those undergoing rehabilitation. The knowledge that eighty percent of us all will experience low back pain at some point in our lives should be motivation enough to take conditioning and preventative steps via an effective applied core conditioning programme.

The book presents sport-specific solutions for exercise selection, with programme design, sets, repetitions and loading all discussed in detail, in addition to a chapter presenting six different case studies that reflect the challenges of rehabilitating debilitating injuries like prolapsed disc, pars defect and hamstring tendinopathy, among others. Effective rehabilitation strategies are presented in detail to provide an insight into recovery and strengthening concepts.

Core strength has an important role to play in high-performance sport, in the prevention of injury, as well as with our capacity for daily living and workplace being. Applied Core Conditioning will inspire effective programming and prescription, and encourage the motivation and desire to be fit for purpose.

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