Sharpening Common Workshop Tools - Crowood Metalworking Guides

By Dr Marcus Bowman
PAGES: 144
SIZE: 260x215 mm
INSIDE: 585 colour illustrations and diagrams

Using sharp tools is one of life's great joys. A sharp tool feels right; the job seems that much easier; and the quality of the cut usually means there is less work to do to produce a finished surface on the object. This book provides an understanding of what is involved in sharpening common workshop tools.

With over 580 colour photographs and illustrations it:

  • Covers sharpening techniques for the most commonly used tools - scissors, shears, knives, lathe tools and drills, screwdrivers, chisels and punches, along with the more specialist gravers and scrapers
  • Teaches how to ensure precise cutting edges and correct tool angles for the materials to be cut
  • Includes advice on types of abrasives, grades, grits and mesh sizes as well as forms of abrasives like stones, wheels and papers
  • Describes what happens during the sharpening process and provides practical guidance on using sharpening stones and grinding wheels on a bench grinder
  • Provides essential maintenance instructions such as how to restore the surface of a flat stone and the face of the wheel on a bench grinder
  • Has general advice on bench grinders, and includes examples of the use of readily available tools and accessories such as vee blocks, toolposts, collet holders, protractors and gauges
  • Includes photos of accessories which can be made to simply setups, including extended rests, templates, rest alignments guides, and toolholders

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