Rapid Reaction Forces

By Patrick Allen
ISBN: 9781840372717
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 276x218 mm
INSIDE: 215 colour photographs

The end of the cold war has caused a major rethink amongst major military powers throughout the world. The focus is now upon local hotspots where life-threatening situations can escalate at an alarming pace and peacekeeping forces are required quickly to calm potentially dire conflicts.

The United Nations needs international support in its efforts to maintain world peace, a difficult task when many ancient racial and political grudges suddenly reignite and where little sense of humanity seems to exist.

This book looks at the preparations that have been made in the USA, Britain and Europe to provide highly mobile units that can be deployed at short notice to counter such spontaneous outbreaks of violence. It describes and shows the latest equipment in use by army, air force and naval units.

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