Hunting with Ferrets

By David Bezzant
ISBN: 9781847970053
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 90 colour photographs 8 drawings

This practical and informative book cover all aspects of ferreting and the techniques that are used. The author explains why people use ferrets to hunt rabbits and, in order to help the ferreter understand his quarry, he also discusses rabbit behaviour. In addition, he considers how to get started in the sport and provides advice on the choice and acquisition of a working ferret and the selection of the most useful pieces of equipment.

Other topics which are discussed include how to go about obtaining rabbiting rights, how to train a ferret to hunt, how to choose a suitable dog to work alongside a ferret, how to prepare for a day's hunting, and how to set nets and enter a ferret into a rabbit warren. Attention is also paid to the more difficult aspects of the sport such as digging, the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions, and hunting in challenging environments such as near stone walls, rocky outcrops, under sheds and amongst woodpiles. More controversially, the author also considers the use of ferret carrying bags and how to hunt without the assistance of electronic locating devices.

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