Plants: Their Use, Management, Cultivation and Biology - A Comprehensive Guide

By Bob Watson
ISBN: 9781847970282
PAGES: 352
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 350 colour photographs & drawings

A sister publication to Trees: Their Use, Management, Cultivation and Biology, this wide-ranging and fascinating book is packed full with both biological information about plants as well as practical and instructional advice about how to grow and nurture them. It covers soft plants, shrubs and woody climbers and discusses a wide range of both British native and exotic plants found elsewhere throughout the world. This volume will be of particular relevance to students of professional horticulture for it provides an introduction to the diversity of plants and their multifarious management requirements.

Provides an introduction to the main plant groups and considers their longevity and external features Covers the identification, classification and nomenclature of plants Examines the biology of plants and discusses flower structure, fruit development, seed structure and germination, plant growth and development, and the physiological processes of plants Discusses plant management and practice, including their use in the landscape, site preparation, sowing and planting, the management of planted areas and individual plants, plant protection (weed control, pests and fungal diseases), the management and maintenace of plant collections and gardens open to the public

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