Organic Fruit Production and Viticulture - A Complete Guide

By Stella Cubison
ISBN: 9781847970923
PAGES: 368
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 133 colour photographs and 9 diagrams

Fruit production is one of the most challenging areas of organic growing, and those wanting to grow fruit organically have often found it difficult to obtain the necessary technical information. This book covers the organic cultivation of all of the most popular pome and stone fruits, strawberries, cane and bush fruits. A separate wide-ranging chapter, written by Roy Cook, is provided on the important subject of viticulture

For each fruit crop, sound advice and information is provided on the latest suitable varieties and rootstocks, growing systems, pruning and training, crop care, harvesting and storage, and pest and disease management. General aspects of organic production are examined in detail in individual chapters covering organic principles and conversion, soil fertility and crop nutriiton, weed and habitat management, and protected production. The volume also contains an invaluable chapter, which analyses the market for organic fruit, retail opportunities and other important outlets.

Written in association with Garden Organic (formerly the Henry Doubleday Research Association)

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