Smallbore Rifle Shooting - A Practical Guide

By Christopher Fenning
PAGES: 142
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 242x172 mm
INSIDE: 129 colour photographs

Smallbore Rifle Shooting is essential reading for those who are considering taking up the sport, and for those who already have some experience but wish to improve their skills and participate in competitions. It takes the reader forward from the point at which the very first shot is fired, introduces new levels of understanding and competence, provides useful advice, and answers many of the questions frequently asked by beginners

The key topics, which are examined in detail, include breathing, aiming, trigger control and 'follow through'. Step-by-step guidance is presented on how to build a comfortable and stable prone position whilst wearing a jacket and sling. Numerous photographs, including pictures taken through the sights to show exactly what is being described, support the theory. The author also presents practice exercises that help demonstrate the different techniques. For people looking to progress beyond indoor practice shooting, there is an explanation of types of competition, how to enter events, as well as introduction to competing outdoors and learning how to anticipate the effect of the wind on a shot.

Whilst other shooting books may focus on the detailed skills used by those who compete at an international level, this book offers guidance for those at the beginner to intermediate levels.

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