Expressive Painting in Mixed Media

By Soraya French
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 280x220 mm
INSIDE: 366 colour images

Painting in mixed media combines all the excitement and potential of different materials and techniques, while giving the artist the opportunity to express themselves without any of the limitations of each separate medium. Whether you love the vibrancy of pastels, the versatility of acrylics or the dynamism of collage, this book shows you how to combine them to make a unique piece of art. Alongside Soraya's beautiful paintings, it encourages the artist to express themselves, to experiment with their own creative ideas and to enjoy the magical potential of painting in mixed media.

  • Materials include gels, pastes and paper collage, as well as paints
  • Step-by-step demonstrations explain how to build paintings layer by layer
  • Projects put theories into practice
  • Advice throughout leads you through techniques and warns against common mistakes
  • Ideas suggest ways to create your own personal visual voice

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