Navigation for Pilots

By Jim Hitchcock
ISBN: 9781861267979
PAGES: 344
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 219x148 mm
INSIDE: 8 page colour section; 300 b&w photos

Navigation for Pilots provides a complete study pack and practice questions for the subject of navigation as applicable to the current Joint European Airline Pilots Licence whilst at the same time providing all the navigation basics needed by the trainee Private Pilot.

The author assumes that the reader has now knowledge of the subject and works from the basics throughout. Although modern educational techniques support the use of calculators, the theme of the book is to encourage the development of a mental checking system to determine the parameters within which the answer must lie. The benefit of this is to develop an ability to cope with navigational problems in flight without recourse to electronic aids Ð a great asset during single pilot operations.

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