Organic Gardener's Handbook

By Michael Littlewood
ISBN: 9781861269362
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 202x230 mm
INSIDE: colour photographs throughout

This comprehensive yet concise guide tells the gardener all he needs to know about organic cultivation. From the basics of climate, geology and soils, through an explanation of plants and their orders to the planning and planting of a variety of vegetables and edible plants, this book gives sound advice in a handy format.

Particular attention is paid to improvements to the soil, covering nutrients, fertilisers, minerals, compost and manures, as well as planting methods [including strip cropping and crop rotation] and protection of the plants, including companion planting, biological control, plant pest controls, barriers and deterrents, organic control and weed management.

This fully illustrated book is rounded off with a list of tasks and monthly reminders, an extensive glossary, useful contacts and further information.

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