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Changi:- Singapore International Airport

By John K. Morton

ISBN: 9781840372151
PUBLISHED: April 2001
PAGES: 112
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 213x207 mm
INSIDE: 130 colour photographs

It is thought that the word 'Singapore' was derived from 'Singa Pura' or 'Lion City', a name given to it many centuries ago when a Sumatran Prince first visited the island and saw what he believed to be a lion.

In 1819 the area was thick swampy jungle, inhabited by a few fishermen and sea gypsies, but Sir Stamford Raffles clearly saw its potential as a trading post when he claimed it for the British East India Company.

By 1911 the population had risen to a quarter of a million Ð a mixture of Chinese, Indonesian, Malay and Indian cultures.

Strategically placed between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Singapore has become one of the world's great trading centres and Changi airport plays a leading role in its economy. Changi acts as a hub for regional flights within Southeast Asia and has links to more than sixty countries around the globe. It has carried the accolade 'Best Airport in the World' on no less than eight occasions.

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