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Lightning Strikes

By Martin Bowman

ISBN: 9781840372366
PAGES: 112
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 270x230 mm
INSIDE: 132 colour photographs

The Lightning was probably the most spectacular aeroplane ever created in Britain. It is the only truly supersonic fighter that was designed and built without co-operation from overseas partners. For those who saw it fly, it was a breathtaking experience.

Its sheer power allowed a vertical climb from take-off; a not entirely noiseless experience but everybody loved it. There is hope that we shall soon be able once more to thrill to the sight and sound of this classic aircraft as several are in the process of renovation and already there are flying examples in South Africa and the USA. This book contains a unique collection of spectacular colour photographs taken at the time when the Lightning was in front-line service. Many are air-to-air shots taken by pilots themselves and show the aircraft in many variants and in different scenarios.

There are picture books and there are picture books. Some leave your reviewer cold . . .Yet others combine all the necessary attributes for the genre . . .become valued friends on the bookcase, and are thumbed time and time again for the sheer pleasure they bring. Suffice to say that this volume has all the required attributes and more. Bowman has assembled something over a hundred photos of Britain's only home-built supersonic fighter, gathering these primarily from pilots, and added suitable captions and historical details. Most are previously unpublished . . .Buy this volume for the incomparable Richard Wilson shot on the cover of 'Firebird' F1A XM171 in a vertical dive with airbrakes out, taken in 1963. But there are plenty more inside which would, alone, justify a purchase in their own right. Everything is in colour, and reproduction is first rate. - AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED

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