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Fuchsias - The New Cultivars

By George Bartlett

ISBN: 9781861263384
PAGES: 240
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 235 x 165 mm
INSIDE: 500 Colour Photographs

The popularity of the fuchsia continues to flourish. Without doubt its versatility, allied to its enormous range of colour and form, makes it one of the best loved of all garden plants. Despite its exotic appearance, the fuchsia is easy to grow and propagate, making it an especially good choice for the gardener with limited time, experience or facilities. No special or sophisticated equipment is necessary and there is no magic formula or set of rules to obey in order to produce superb specimen plants.

This book, a natural successor to Fuchsias - A Colour Guide, brings the reader up to date with some of the more recently introduced cultivars. Some 1,500 cultivars and species are described in a concise and simple way with over 500 superb colour photographs appearing opposite the relevant description for ease of reference.

With practical advice on the care, cultivation and propagation of fuchsias, a brief history of the species and a guide to classification, this is the perfect companion for all fuchsia growers.

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