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Pottery: The Essential Manual

By Doug Wensley

ISBN: 9781861265203
PUBLISHED: September 2002
PAGES: 240
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246 x 189 mm
INSIDE: 345 colour photos 40 diagrams

Pottery: The Essential Manual provides an overview of ceramics for readers at all levels of competence and experience. The text is supported by over 345 colour photographs and 45 diagrams and with clear, practical information and advice will prove to be the essential handbook.

Topics covered include: Handbuilding techniques – pinching, slabbing, coiling and assemblage; Throwing on a potter’s wheel – both conventional and unorthodox techniques; Decoration – slip-trailing, sgraffito, on-glaze, under-glaze, body stains, stencils, silkscreen and sprigging; Glazes – what they are and how they work, how to experiment and test glazes, together with tables and recipes; Firing – a range of techniques from bonfire and sawdust procedures to firing sophisticated contemporary kilns; Personal approaches – illustrated examples and insights from a variety of professionals.

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